About Cycle Newmarket

Who We Are

Cycle Newmarket is a loosely-organized group that advocates for better cycling infrastructure in Newmarket & York Region. Our focus is the use of bicycles for commuting, rather than recreation.

What We Do

We write letters to the local press, make presentations to Town Council, attend related Public Information meetings and meet to discuss issues, often over a beer. We sometimes cycle together, but often it’s related to our advocacy. For example we might ride down a street that we feel needs bike lanes.

Ride on!


Ride on!

COVID-19 makes cycling for transportation an even more important option

During the COVID-19 crisis, the need for our communities to provide safe, accessible routes for people of all ages and abilities to cycle to work, school, and other destinations has not gone away. For the roughly half of all car trips that are under 5km, cycling continues to be one of the most viable alternatives …


You can also contact us through our Facebook page, or with cyclenewmarket@gmail.com.

Ride on!