Driver’s Ed

A summary of laws to be followed by cyclists (and the fines) can be found here, covering:

  • Traffic signals and signs
  • One-ways streets
  • Slow moving traffic
  • Signalling a turn
  • Crosswalks
  • No riding in crosswalks
  • Streetcars
  • Stopped school buses
  • Bike lights & Bell
  • Brakes
  • Identification
  • Expressways
  • Passengers
  • Attaching to a vehicle
  • Helmets
  • Dismounted bicyclist
  • What is a bicycle?

More Ontario HTA laws and fines, including for motorists, can be found here, covering the above, plus:

  • Bicycle-specific traffic signals
  • One-Metre Passing Law
    • The penalty to drivers for not leaving a minimum of one-metre distance when passing a cyclist ($110 fine, up to $500, plus demerit points)
    • Are cyclists also required to leave a minimum one-metre distance when passing a vehicle? (No)
    • Can a vehicle cross the centre median line to pass the cyclist if there isn’t enough room to allow for a one-metre passing distance? (Yes, when safe)
  • Dooring
    • Q1. What are the penalties for “dooring” offences? ($360 fine, up to $1000, + demerit points)
    • Q2. Does the “dooring” law only apply to cyclists? (Yes, but unclear what that means)
  • Light, reflector and reflective material requirements (1/2 hour before sunset to 1/2 hour after sunrise, as with motor vehicles, plus some extras)
  • Cyclists allowed to use intermittent flashing red lights (but silent on use of flashing front lights)
  • Bicycle Helmets

For more information on the rules of use for these types of vehicles, please visit

(Note: in pdf files, you can Search for the word “bicycle”)

Ride on!